Do I Need Multiple Whole House Water Filters?

Whole house filters are an eco-friendly asset for any home that helps reduce chlorine levels in drinking water. Learn how to choose the best whole house filter for your needs.

Do I Need Multiple Whole House Water Filters?

Not all water filters are the same. Different filters have different functions, from making water taste better to filtering out harmful chemicals or germs. No filter can keep all types of contaminants out of drinking water, and not everyone needs a water filter. Some people wonder if they need to buy a whole house filter for each water heater.Even if you have multiple hot water heaters, you don't need multiple filter systems for the whole house.

Whole house water filters are a valuable asset of any home, as they use a particular filtration system to decontaminate water at a rapid rate with no wastewater. This makes it a much more reasonable alternative to other filter systems. Whole house filters help reduce the amount of chlorine in the water, and are eco-friendly. What a filter prevents from entering the water can vary, so it's important to find a filter that best suits your needs. Some filters work better for well water or may have a greater impact on softening hard water.

It's important to discover the best water filters for the whole house and learn how they filter differently. Even if they don't have the same kind of certifications as the more expensive models, it's still possible to reduce your home's maintenance costs by simply getting rid of some of your filters. Whole house filters must process all water entering your home without significantly impeding water flow, and typically have a flow rate of at least 6-7 GPM (gallons per minute).The UV filter kills up to 99.9% of harmful microbes in tap or well water, and maintenance is relatively easy. You don't need to have the most elegant filter on the market, so you should first test your water source to avoid opulent mistakes. Because water has to run through the filter quickly, it can cause a drop in water pressure, especially if you use water in several appliances or faucets at once. No filter system removes all contaminants, so you need to understand what's in your water, your budget, and what you want your filter to achieve.

This model does a great job of filtering chlorine and sediment, but it doesn't filter other contaminants like other filtration systems. The filter system ensures cleaner and healthier water at all times by removing up to 99.99% of impurities.