Are WIX Filters Made in the USA?

Find out if WIX oil filters are made in the USA or if they are manufactured in other countries.

Are WIX Filters Made in the USA?

For 80 years, WIX Filters has been supplying filters for passenger cars and a variety of heavy machinery and equipment. Many loyal customers of Wix oil filters have been surprised to find “made in China” and “made in Mexico” labels on their products. This is because WIX is owned by the Mann+Hummell filter conglomerate, and many of their oil filters are not manufactured in the United States. Wix oil filters are designed for those who change their oil between 3,700 and 10,000 miles.

They are durable and have an improved dirt filtration capacity. Trucks use more than 700 types of filters, and nearly 400 are designed for fleets and the shipping industry. The company manufactures its Wix oil filters in several countries besides the U. S., including China, Mexico, Venezuela, Ukraine and Poland.

The Wix filter is suitable for heavy transport in multiple terrains, as well as extreme conditions and high oil temperatures. Wix Racing filters are track tested in multiple racing fields, such as stock cars, dirt tracks, off-road and endurance racing. Wix Pro-Tec oil filters are also suitable for drivers who use conventional engine oil on daily trips without having to haul and travel strenuous distances. The Wix XE filter is safe and efficient in harsh conditions with glass media to filter out the smallest particles that can damage your vehicle.

EcoLast filters offer twice the standard oil drain intervals, offering fleet owners massive savings. The WIX Filters brand offers a wide range of filters for cars, vehicles and machinery, with more than 16,000 products of high quality.