What are the Best Car Air Filters Made in the USA?

Discover which car air filters are made in the USA! Learn about K&N air filters and other brands like WIX & Motorcraft that manufacture their products domestically.

What are the Best Car Air Filters Made in the USA?

K&N replacement air filters are designed and manufactured in the United States at K&N's global headquarters in Riverside, California. The cotton gauze mesh and sturdy construction of these air filters allow them to be reused multiple times. You can view the WIX air filter ranges on the following websites available to you below. All green filters are handcrafted at our Uniontown, Pennsylvania facility with materials sourced from within the USA.

Bosch workshop air filters as part of the filtration system are specifically designed for the professional fitter market for vehicle coverage applications of approximately 90%. Fleetguard has manufacturing plants in Mexico and Australia, so you can expect them to be manufactured there as well, including some Fleetguard oil filters. Motorcraft, headquartered in Dearborn, MI and an official parts supplier to Ford Motor Co, partners with Purolater to manufacture its oil filters. Blueprint air filters are backed by the company's extensive research that ensures product quality.

The first car with an air filter was shipped in 1915 when Packard installed it on a part of the Twin Six model for that year. Because WIX is owned by the Mann+Hummell filter conglomerate, many of the WIX oil filters are not manufactured in the United States. Since Baldwin purchased Hastings Premium Filters, most, if not all, Baldwin oil filters are made in America. The ACDelco filter, as part of the auto parts product portfolio, offers air filters in the ACDelco Professional category.

Mann-filter has been manufactured using WIX Filters' production technology, which makes a positive impact to products. It's worth noting that Champ Labs has a manufacturing facility in Shanghai, China, with evidence that some oil filters are manufactured there. AMC filters are available for more than 1700 references and is the largest and almost complete supplier of Japanese and Korean cars. Today, Champion's high-quality product ranges are now available not only in spark plugs, filters, but also many other spare parts for vehicles.

Today, together with the leadership of MANN+HUMMEL, it is capable of producing all types of filters, from cars to heavy equipment. Prior to the merger with MANN+HUMMEL, FILTRON filters had already been tested by end users for almost 35 years. A couple of years later, Puralator presents its first pleated paper oil filter whose technology has been remarkable until today. Carquest, based in Raleigh, North Carolina, partners with Champion Laboratories to manufacture its automotive oil filters.