What Refrigerator Water Filter Removes the Most Contaminants?

After hours of research and testing our top pick is Icepure Pro UKF8001 NSF as best water filter for refrigerators. Learn more about what type of filter removes most contaminants.

What Refrigerator Water Filter Removes the Most Contaminants?

After hours of research and testing, our top pick is the Icepure Pro UKF8001 NSF as the best water filter for refrigerators. Sediment filters are most commonly used to remove large contaminants from well water, such as sand, silt, dust and rust. These particles don't have to be visible to the eye, but rather they are larger than most invisible contaminants. Refrigerator filters can only remove chlorine from water. They cannot remove lead, chromium-6, and other contaminants found in Chicago water.

To get the protection you need, you'll need a stronger filter. Homeowners should have a water test and speak with an expert to determine the right filter for them. Refrigerator filters are not designed to treat PFAS. The typical refrigerator filter is designed to remove chlorine and flavor from water, but they are not made to remove PFAS. These filters use activated carbon, which can remove PFAS, but only partially. It is more effective at removing chlorine, lead, mercury and iron from water than other types of filters.

A Duke study reveals that refrigerator filters are unreliable for PFAS treatment and should not be used as the only treatment for drinking water. Using a refrigerator water filter is a wise decision considering the impact it will have on the environment by not buying plastic or glass water bottles. Instead of looking for a filter that removes most contaminants, consider using filters that remove the contaminants you are dealing with. By using an activated carbon filter like almost every refrigerator water filter listed today, Samsung was able to filter out 99% of the harmful compounds, chemicals, and impurities commonly found in drinking water. When buying a refrigerator water filter, check the back of the box for the list of contaminants that it is capable of removing. The two-step process involves a physical component made of a screen or mesh material that filters out larger particles and contaminants in the water. This is followed by an activated carbon filter that removes finer particles, chemicals and metals found in the water supply. The Whirlpool Everydrop is the best refrigerator water filter for anyone with a Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, Amana or Jennair refrigerator due to its excellent compatibility, extreme ease of installation and low cost. Activated carbon filter cartridges typically have a lifespan of around 3 to 6 months depending on the quality and size of the filter, the amount of harmful contaminants in your drinking water, and the amount of water you use daily.

When replacing traditional water filter cartridges, make sure you don't have any leaks while trying to get old filters out of the housing unit. When selecting a replacement filter for your refrigerator, make sure it is compatible with your model. The highest removal rate was 100% (1 GE and 1 Samsung filter), and one of the Whirlpool filters had an efficiency of -29.5%.